Fun Facts

Here are a few reasons why children and parents love our reading programs

  • Our programs come in small digestible sizes that are easy to understand

  • We have segmented our courses to fit the needs of various students.

  • Our team has equal interest in the success of your child and are ready to assist you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    All About Aa

    • Aa says aah video

    • Aa game

    • LETTER Aa worksheet

    • Letter Aa flashcard

    • Brain Break

  • 2

    All About Bb

    • Bb says bbb video

    • Bb game

    • Bb flashcard

    • Bb worksheet

  • 3

    All About Cc

    • Cc says ccc

    • Cc game

    • Cc flashcard

    • Cc worksheet

    • Brain Break

  • 4

    All About Dd

    • Dd says ddd

    • Dd game

    • Dd flashcard

  • 5

    All About Ee

    • Ee says eee

    • Ee game

    • Letter Ee worksheet

    • Ee flashcards

    • Brain Break

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does my child need to take this course.

    Based on our estimations and how long it took other students, this should take 3 months to complete

  • How much is it?

    The entire course is FREE forever. If you want to decide whether this platform is the best for your child, this is where to start.

  • How many times will I be charged?

    Since this course is free, you do not need any credit card to begin

Continue Learning

  • $5.00

    $5.00Beginners Level - 2

    Sounds Are Fun Beginners Level 2 introduces to 3-4yrs old kids the letter sounds from Ff-Pp. The lessons are designed to help your kids have a fun time while learning to identify the letters and objects that start with the sounds.