Fun Facts

Here are a few reasons why children and parents like our reading programs

  • Our programs come in small digestible sizes that are easy to understand

  • We have segmented our courses to fit the needs of various students.

  • Our team has equal interest in the success of your child and are ready to assist you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    All About Qq

    • Qq says qqq

    • Qq game

    • Qq flashcard

    • Qq worksheet

  • 2

    All About Rr

    • Rr says rrr

    • Rr game

    • Rr flashcard

    • Rr worksheet

  • 3

    All About Ss

    • Ss says sss

    • Ss game

    • Ss worksheet

    • Ss flashcard

  • 4

    All About Tt

    • Tt says ttt

    • Tt game

    • Tt flashcard

    • Tt worksheet

  • 5

    All About Uu

    • Uu says uuu

    • Uu game

    • Uu flashcard

    • Uu worksheet

  • 6

    All About Vv

    • Vv says vvv

    • Vv game

    • Vv flashcard

    • Vv worksheet

  • 7

    All About Ww

    • Ww says www

    • Ww game

    • Ww flashcard

    • Ww worksheet

  • 8

    All About Xx

    • Xx says xxx

    • Xx game

    • Xx flashcard

    • Xx worksheet

  • 9

    All About Yy

    • Yy says yyy

    • Yy game

    • Yy flashcard

    • Yy worksheet

  • 10

    All About Zz

    • Zz says zzz

    • Zz game

    • Zz flashcard

    • Zz worksheet


  • How long does my child need to take this course.

    Children are encouraged to complete this lesson within a month to help them use the acquired knowledge in the subsequent lessons.

  • How much does this cost?

    This course and all other courses in the beginner program cost NGN3000 or its equivalent in your local currency wherever you are on the African continent

  • How many times will I be charged?

    You will be charged just once to access this bundle to give you a 30days access to the videos, games and resources.