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  • Simple

    Our lessons are broken down into tiny bite sizes so your child can focus on where they want to improve

  • Timely

    Our courses meet the needs of today's African Child and are designed to get them reading in no time.

  • Unlimited Support

    Our team is ready to support you whenever you are ready. Have difficulties, need enquiries and other information, kindly call/send a direct message to +2347035045273 or an email to

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Sight word A / I

    • A/I video

    • A/I game

    • Reading Cards

    • Activity Sheets

  • 2

    Sight word The / My

    • The/My video

    • The /My game

    • Reading Cards

    • Activity Sheets

  • 3

    Sight word He / She

    • He/She video

    • He/She game

    • Reading Cards

    • Activity Sheets

  • 4

    Sight word See/You

    • See / You video

    • See /You game

    • Reading Cards

    • Activity Sheets

  • 5

    Sight word Was / Are

    • Was / Are video

    • Was / Are game

    • Reading Card

  • 6

    Sight word Look / Like

    • Look / Like video

    • Look / Like game

    • Reading Cards

    • Activity Sheets

  • 7

    Capital letters/Uppercase letters

    • Capital/Upper case letters

    • Capital /Small Letters game

    • Activity Sheets

  • 8

    Reading Sentences

    • Sentence Video

    • Sentence Game

    • sentence Flashcards

    • Activity Sheets

    • Sentences Reading Game

    • Phonics Story

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  • How long will it take my child to complete this bundle

    Based on our estimations and how long it took other students, this should take less than 30days to complete this bundle.

  • How much does it cost

    This bundle and all other bundles in the beginners cost NGN3,000 or its equivalent in your local currency wherever you are on the African continent.

  • How many times will i be charged

    You will be charged just once to access this bundle to give you a 60days access to the contents of the bundle. The first lesson has been made free for you to get a sneak peek of the contents within the bundle.

  • How can i sign up

    Direct Bank Transfer of NGN3,000 TO KIDSREADART LTD, GUARANTY TRUST BANK, Acc NO: 0643060543. Send an evidence of payment to 07035045273.